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My name is Jill Oldfield. I am a 40+ year old, stay at home mom, photo enthusiast.
I am passionate about two things in life, my family and my photography.
I love experimenting with all sorts of pictures, but my favorites are portraits and candid shots, I aim to capture my subject's personality and spirit in the photo. I especially enjoy photographing children. My son, Leon (born Nov 2002), is definitely my most favorite and my most photographed subject (as you will surely see).
When I am not busy trying to figure life out, I like to keep a blog - http://leonsmom.wordpress.com/



5th Grade Philly Trip

Updated: Oct 17, 2012 9:13pm PST

Mora Wedding 5-28-2011

Suzanne and Edwin Mora May 28th 2011 The Stroudsmoor Country Inn Po ...

Updated: May 30, 2011 2:02pm PST

3rd Grade Special Person's Day

Updated: Jun 17, 2011 11:03am PST

Hurricane Irene Aug 2011

Updated: Aug 28, 2011 7:45pm PST

Leon's 8th Lego Birthday Party

Updated: Mar 07, 2011 8:32pm PST

Jenn & Ken's Vegas Wedding (taken by Ron)

These photos were mostly taken by Ron Oldfield on July 23 2010 at Jen ...

Updated: Mar 09, 2011 8:19am PST

Jenn & Ken's Vegas Wedding (photos by Kathi Buss)

Updated: Mar 09, 2011 9:11am PST

Driftstone Families Picnic

Updated: May 25, 2011 8:05am PST

Valentines Day

Updated: Jun 18, 2008 8:04am PST

Earth Day

Updated: Jun 18, 2008 8:06am PST

Special Persons Day (photos and video by Daddy)

Updated: Jun 18, 2008 8:11am PST

Hofstra Playhouse Trip

Updated: Jun 18, 2008 8:15am PST

Kindergarten Field Day

Updated: Jun 18, 2008 8:22am PST

Lee Day

Updated: Jun 18, 2008 8:35am PST

Nov. 30th 2007 -Family PArrrty

Updated: Dec 17, 2007 10:14pm PST

Leon's Pirate Party with his (Playdate) Mates

Updated: Jul 21, 2008 6:51am PST

Madison's Bday

Updated: Mar 20, 2007 9:14am PST

Kindergarten 11/07 Thanksgiving Feast

Updated: Jun 18, 2008 7:40am PST

Kindergarten Holiday Party

Updated: Jun 18, 2008 7:59am PST

Leon's First Day of Kindergarten

Updated: Jun 18, 2008 8:38am PST

Annual July 4th BBQ 2006

Updated: Oct 20, 2012 6:58am PST

Daddy and Me T-ball

Leon & Ron's first day at Daddy & Me T-ball

Updated: Jul 17, 2006 9:43am PST

Green Day

Updated: Jul 26, 2006 1:53pm PST

Sept 2006 Driftstone

Updated: Jun 17, 2007 5:56am PST

Firehouse Mommy and Me Halloween Party

Updated: Nov 21, 2005 9:17am PST

Trick or Treating in Pumpkin Park

Updated: Nov 17, 2005 4:12pm PST

The many looks of Leon

Updated: Nov 17, 2005 2:42pm PST

Daniel and Matthews Halloween Party

Updated: Nov 17, 2005 2:13pm PST

SMC Halloween

Updated: Nov 17, 2005 2:27pm PST

Nicholas' Bday

May 30, 2005

Updated: May 30, 2005 8:15pm PST

Jaqualine's Bday

Feb 25 2005

Updated: May 30, 2005 7:55pm PST

Visiting Grandma

Updated: Feb 22, 2005 5:38pm PST

Leon's First Trip to the ER

Jan 25, 2005 there is no doubt about it he is a TRUE Oldfield and def ...

Updated: Feb 22, 2005 5:01pm PST

Boating and goofing off

Jan 16th through the 19th We just hung out on the boat, on the dock ...

Updated: Feb 22, 2005 5:30pm PST

Belated Christmas in AZ

15 Jan 2005 This was the first time in years that the whole Fitzgeral ...

Updated: Feb 22, 2005 3:38pm PST

Leon's 3rd Birthday

Updated: May 25, 2008 7:21am PST

Leon visits Santa 2004

Leon was a bit apprehensive when he first saw Santa. But when he foun ...

Updated: Dec 03, 2004 7:48pm PST

Bubble Fun

Updated: Aug 15, 2004 10:20pm PST

Prince Leon - 22 May 2004

My beautiful prince hamming it up in the sunlight

Updated: Aug 02, 2004 5:59pm PST

SMC Halloween Party

Updated: Jun 13, 2009 3:49pm PST

Pumpkin Pickin at Schmidts Farms

Updated: Oct 16, 2005 10:40pm PST

Cousins at Holtsville Park

Leon, Caitlyn, and Mikey spend the day exploring Holtsville Park -A ...

Updated: Sep 09, 2004 8:20am PST

Playdate with Christopher and Lauren

*For Friends and Family* Leon playing with Christoher and Lauren in t ...

Updated: Aug 16, 2004 11:02am PST

2004 4th of July BBQ

*For Friends and Family* The 2004 Annual Oldfield 4th of July BBQ

Updated: Aug 02, 2004 4:15pm PST

Summer Fun -11Jul 2004

*For Friends and Family* Leon discovers the joys of a kiddie pool a ...

Updated: Aug 02, 2004 3:14pm PST

Just You and Me Time - 3/2003

These self-portraits capture a truely special moment of peace and calm ...

Updated: Jul 17, 2006 8:50am PST

Leon's First Birthday

Updated: May 25, 2008 6:54am PST

Livin the Life of Leon

Leons First Year!

Updated: Mar 02, 2008 7:10am PST

Caycay and Mikey

Pictures at Westbury Gardens

Updated: Dec 07, 2005 10:18pm PST

Laurel's Bachelorette Party

The girls enjoyed a night out, dressed to the hilt in Medieval Renaiss ...

Updated: Oct 14, 2004 1:26pm PST


Updated: Mar 16, 2007 4:47pm PST

Trombino Wedding - May 1, 2004

Updated: Aug 02, 2004 6:57am PST

Pumpkin Flowers Macro

Macro shots of pumpkin flowers in my garden

Updated: Mar 16, 2007 5:33pm PST

Lil' Cowboy

Updated: Dec 05, 2006 10:15am PST


Updated: Dec 05, 2006 10:28am PST


Updated: Dec 05, 2006 11:25am PST


Updated: Dec 05, 2006 11:28am PST


Updated: Dec 05, 2006 12:22pm PST

Photos taken by Jill Oldfield

These pictures were taken by Jill-o at the 2004 Holiday party. Please ...

Updated: Dec 06, 2004 5:59pm PST

Photos taken by Nancy Engelmann

These pictures were taken by Nancy E at the 2004 Holiday party. Pleas ...

Updated: Dec 06, 2004 5:05pm PST

Studio Apartment

Updated: Jan 21, 2007 8:59am PST

They're having a Girl!!

Jenn & Ken are expecting their little girl on Feb 1, 2008. As more pic ...

Updated: Feb 05, 2008 7:33pm PST

Welcome Kiera Noel

She's here!!!! (keep checking for more pics as the days go on, more p ...

Updated: Mar 21, 2008 5:36am PST

Kiera's 1st day home

Updated: Mar 21, 2008 6:44am PST

Kiera's First Birthday

Updated: Mar 09, 2011 7:47am PST

Memory Lockets

This is a MUST HAVE ITEM!! Scroll your mouse over each picture for a ...

Updated: Apr 30, 2006 7:44pm PST

NY Comic Con

Updated: Oct 19, 2012 1:37pm PST

Random 2006 Pics

Updated: Oct 20, 2012 6:53am PST

Halloween 2006

Updated: Oct 20, 2012 7:02am PST

1st grade White Post Farm Trip

Updated: Oct 20, 2012 7:31am PST

Blue Room

Updated: Sep 13, 2013 8:04am PST

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